Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Jack Owiti has taken it upon himself to talk for they deaf people, because thedeaf people cannot speak for themselves. Read on.

My dear friend, let us move from political patronage, masquerading to be benevolent and imposing foreign ideas onto our local Deaf people. As Raila rightly said what this country needs is a bridge – We are happy to be that tool carrying the aspirations of the Kenyan people to the Promised Land.

- Aland that recognizes Kenyan Sign Language
- A land where qualified interpreters are available to the Deaf free
- A land where the Deaf are not oppressed at home, school, work or community
- A land where there is interpretation on TV, Parliament, National holidays and at hospitals, churches, prison…
- A land where Deaf people become doctors, lawyers, business people
- A land where the Deaf are not objects of benevolence but equal partners in development
- A land where Kenyan Deaf students ins schools have teachers speaking their language KSL
- A land where Mzee Bubu and Kiziwi will be a happy place to gossip, share jokes and not fight some experts!

This is my





For the Kenyan Deaf Community! This is more tangible than paying 30% PAYE to KRA for the MPs to gulp it into their mheshimiwa potbellies!